What Are Some Different Types Of Specialty Paint?

by For Content

While most high-quality paint is sufficient for interior and exterior painting, there are other types of paint that provide added protection. These paints are known as specialty paints. Specialty paints have certain additives that help keep any paint job looking fresh longer. These additives may prevent peeling, chipping or other damage that occurs from being exposed excessive dampness, high pedestrian traffic and severe weather conditions. These are some different types of specialty paints that are commonly used in industrial and commercial painting.

Ceiling Paint 

Specialty ceiling paint is designed to go on smoothly without spattering during application. Some of these types of paint go on one color and then turn white as they dry. This makes painting a white ceiling easier because there are no issues determining which area has been painted and which has not. 

Specialty ceiling paint also dries much more quickly that regular interior paint. This type of paint is commonly used in painting ceilings for schools, hotels, office buildings and other commercial businesses that have a large area of ceiling to be painted that needs to dry quickly.

Kitchen And Bathroom Paint 

There is also specialty paint available for use in painting commercial kitchens and bathrooms as well. This paint is also made to minimize spattering when applied and also to be cleaned easily once it has dried. 

Specialty kitchen and bathroom paint is also popular for commercial use because it has an added mildewcide that helps prevent mold and mildew from growing in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is commonly used in restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes and retirement homes.

High Temperature Paint 

Specialty high temperature paint is often used as exterior paint for buildings, factories and other equipment that is exposed to extremely hot temperatures. This type of paint can often withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Specialty high temperature paint is also commonly used in painting under the hood auto parts and pipes in commercial boiler rooms.

Epoxy Paint 

Specialty epoxy paints are made of a tough plastic-like material that is used for coating commercial flooring. This protects high traffic floor areas from wearing away quickly and needing to be re-coated frequently. This paint is commonly made up of a combination of a two component urethane mix that makes it more durable and helps maintain color better than standard interior paint.

Rust Encapsulator Paint 

Specialty rust encapsulator paint is designed to be applied to rusty steel and iron. It is very useful on areas where sand blasting to remove rust is not possible. Specialty rust encapsulator paint is hard and nonporous and prevents further rusting. It is commonly used on heavy machinery or commercial factory buildings that are primarily made of steel or iron.

Determining which type of specialty paint is best depends on which type of surface it is being applied to. While this type of paint may be more expensive than standard interior or exterior paint, it can save you money in the long run because you will not need to repaint as frequently.