Four Causes Of Weight Scale Falure

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Truck weight scales play a crucial role in charging by weight over the bridge, as well as preventing axle overloading. Driving an overloaded truck can result in hefty fines and when charging by weight you must accurately determine the weight of the goods. Truck weighing scales are often reliable and offer durable performance. However, there are times when weight scale failures occur. Here are four causes of truck weight scale failures that you may run into.

Junction Box

The junction box, which is used to connect load cells is one of the leading causes of weight scale failures. If you run into problems, inspect and test the junction box. Check that the junction box is connected to the indicator, then open the box cover and make sure the wires are securely connected. The wires are color-coded and each wired should be connected to the corresponding color. Sometimes water and debris can find its way inside so use a cloth to remove and condensation and debris. 

Load Cells

Another common cause of weight scale failure is load cells. These load sensors convert electrical signal output and can become unstable or go bad. Troubleshoot by disconnecting the load cells from the junction box, then connect one load cell at a time to any one of the junction box terminals. You should observe a positive change in weight with the connection of each load cell. Record the readings for each cell and compare them to each other. If one reading is substantially different than the others then that particular load cell has likely gone bad. 

Weather Elements

Environmental factors are another leading cause of weight scale failures. For example, wind can exert forces on a load cell that cause it to sense a heavier load and rain can interfere with load cell connections. Vibration and even large temperature changes can compromise weight accuracy as well. If you must load your truck during heavy wind or other pesky weather elements, keep in mind that it may affect your weight accuracy by about 20 kilograms

Cable Failure

Everything from rodents to failed anti-rotation features that cause the load cells to spin slowly and entangle around the cell cause cable failures. When it comes to rodents, they tend to cause damage by biting the load cell cables. Make sure that your cable is connected securely via the color-coded wires and that there are no puncture holes or other signs of damage. 

For assistance with weight truck scale repair, talk to a professional.