Three Ways To Tell If Your Roof Is Eco-Friendly

by For Content

Have you ever thought about whether your roof is friendly to the environment? If not, you can count on the fact that it's probably a big energy waster that not only contributes to greenhouse gases but also wastes your money on climate control. Here are three ways to determine if your roof is eco-friendly or if it's a big waste of energy.

1. Color

Of all the colors, black absorbs the most heat. And if you have black asphalt shingles on your roof, they'll guarantee that as much heat as possible is conducted right into your home or business every summer. Conversely, a white or light-colored roof can help your building shed heat, reducing your summer cooling costs. Check the color of your roof and the shade (light or dark) to tell if it's costing you energy.

2. Reflectiveness

Some types of tile are naturally reflective, making them a great option for a cool roof project. However, other types of roofs can also be made more reflective with a "cool roof" coating. If your roof has had this type of treatment, you can tell that it's more eco-friendly than the average roof. If you've just moved in and aren't sure, ask for roof maintenance records and ask the previous owner if he or she can remember getting the roof coated in the past. If it hasn't been done in living memory, it's probably time to get it re-coated anyway; the coating should be repeated every few years.

3. Recyclability

No roof lasts forever. When you're done with your roof and installing a replacement, what will you do with the old roofing materials? Fortunately, many types of roofing can be recycled or even upcycled into other projects. Tiles and slate are great candidates for reuse or upcycling, whereas asphalt shingling material can be recycled into roads, new asphalt shingles, or many other things. Check for recycling programs in your area before replacing your roof, and remember to use an eco-friendly roofing material to complete your new roof as well!  

These three concepts can help you determine if your present roof is eco-friendly or can be made eco-friendly with a new coating. And if you feel that your roof is just too dark and energy-sucking, you can ensure that your replacement project is eco-friendly by sending off the old roofing to a recycling program.

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