Tips For Renovating Your Home's Bathtub With Epoxy Refinishing Paint

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If you have decided to resurface your home's bathtub with epoxy refinishing paint, then it is important for you to follow these tips to ensure a professional-looking finish:

Tip #1: Carefully Prepare the Surface for Paint

In order for epoxy refinishing paint to adhere well to your home's old bathtub, the tub's surface must be very clean and free of any soap, grease, or dirt.

To clean the bathtub, start by rubbing down its entire surface with a cotton rag that has been soaked in acetone. Acetone is used for thinning paint, and it can be purchased at any local hardware store. You will find it in the paint supply aisle.

After removing any dirt and residue with the acetone solvent, then sand the bathtub with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper. Roughing the surface of the tub with the sandpaper will help the new epoxy paint to better adhere to the surface of the tub.

Once the tub has been sanded, then vacuum it out well. Follow the vacuuming with a complete rubdown of the entire area with a tacky cloth to remove any remaining dust from sanding.

Tip #2: Use the Right Paint Application Tools

While epoxy refinishing paint contains self-leveling agents, it does tend to be a thin paint that will show brush or roller marks after it dries. For this reason, the absolute best way to apply epoxy paint is to use an airless paint sprayer. A sprayer will leave a glass-smooth finish on the bathtub when the paint dries.

If you do not have access to a paint sprayer, then you can apply the paint with either a brush or a roller. A brush will leave a smoother finish while a roller will leave a finish that has more of an orange-peel texture.

Tip #3: Apply the Paint Only in Warm Temperatures 

Finally, while many home renovation projects can be completed when it is cold inside of your home in the winter, refinishing your bathtub with epoxy paint is certainly not one of them. Epoxy paints always require a warm home to cure properly. Trying to dry this type of paint in a house that is too cold will cause the dry paint to bubble and peel off of the bathtub when it gets wet from use.

The label on the paint can will give you the exact specifications for successfully curing the paint that you have chosen. By following the manufacturer's instructions, you will end up with a professional refinishing job on your bathtub. Talk with a place like M L W Contracting Ltd Edmonton for more bathroom renovation tips.