Preparing For Construction And Establishing A Firm Base - The Role Of Excavation Contractors In New Home Building

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Making the decision to build your own home can be extremely exciting and satisfying, but many people are unaware of the realities of the process. Home construction is not as simple as merely purchasing a lot and then watching the home of your dreams spring up from the ground. There is a great deal of careful planning and site preparation involved that your excavation contractor will be sure to have a hand in.   

Below, you'll find a guide to the steps an excavation contractor (such as one from Prattco Excavating landscaping) will take in preparing your new home's site for construction. Developing a better knowledge of this process will allow you to properly gauge your expectations while you develop a better understanding of the hard work involved in making your dreams come true.


Building a home only to find yourself dealing with plumbing issues caused by roots or structural failures as the result of pressure from plant life can be extremely frustrating. Cutting trees and bushes out of your way is an important start, but your excavation contractor will go the extra mile to guarantee your home remains safe and strong.

Before any construction begins, a professional excavator will thoroughly turn over the land you're going to build on. In the process of doing so, all traces of plant life and other potential impediments will be cleared away, guaranteeing that you can enjoy a safe, stable setup for years to come.

Rough Grading

Unless you're purchasing a lot in a planned subdivision that has been specially prepared for construction, it's unlikely that your ground will be flat and stable enough to be built on right away. Guaranteeing the proper grade is a vital part of making sure you can avoid water damage and other stability concerns well into the future.

While your yard will be graded thoroughly once the construction is complete, your excavation contractor will conduct a rough grading in order to secure the construction. This will prevent problems from cropping up during the building process and should help secure your new home.

Basement Digging

While it's true that not all new home construction includes a basement, the beginning of construction is the only time that that particular foundation can be laid. If your plans include such a space, your excavation contractor will be able to quickly and efficiently dig out the area you desire. They'll also be able to haul away the resulting dirt, which can be a huge benefit for people struggling to maintain an orderly job site.