How To Repair Leaky Windows

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As windows age, they often start to leak air. This can make it difficult to keep your home interior at the desired temperature. You might end up spending a lot of money heating and cooling your home if all of your expensively conditioned air is escaping through leaky windows. Most commonly, the problem occurs when the glass window panes become dislodged from the frame. This article will explain how to reseal your panes to prevent leakage.

Scrape Away the Old Seal

Most window panes are sealed to the frame using a rubber seal or a latex caulk. Removing latex caulk from a window is more difficult because it will require a little bit of scraping. It is usually easier to remove rubber seals because they can be pulled out in large chunks. If your windows are especially old, the rubber might be deteriorated to the point that it does not hold together. One helpful tool for scraping away either type of seal is a painters' knife. A utility knife is also helpful for cutting away stubborn chunks that stick to the glass or frame. Just be careful to not scrape the glass with the blade.

Recaulking the Pane

To reseal the pane you should just use waterproof latex caulk. You cannot install a rubber seal on an old window without taking apart the frame. It is best to just apply caulk with a standard caulk gun. Use a thin caulk line, it should be a little smaller than a normal caulk line you apply to a wood surface.

Getting Straight Caulk Lines

The best way to get a straight caulk line is to tape off the glass. Place the tape less than 1/8" from the frame. Shoot the caulk into the corner and then smooth it out with your finger. Push the caulk firmly so it squeezes in between the pane and the frame. This will fill in any gaps in the frame that could lead to problems down the road. This will also create a rubbery structure for the pane to settle on. This strengthens the entire frame and makes the glass much less likely to break. It is important to leave the frame alone while the caulk dries. You do not want the glass to move when it is drying.

Doing this basic upgrade to your windows is a smart and effective alternative to investing in new windows. For more information, contact a local window company (such as Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing)