The Best Time To Get Your A/C Installed

by For Content

The best time to get your A/C installed is during the chilly months. Even though the last thing on your mind might be the need for air conditioning, eventually those low temperatures will climb. When they do, you'll be glad you made a move earlier to take care of your A/C needs. Here are five good reasons to contact an air conditioning contractor, one like HVACTECH Systems, during the winter.

1. He'll be less busy.

When it's hot outside, everyone starts thinking about calling the air conditioning contractor. In cooler months, the A/C contractor's work schedule will open up, and you'll be much more likely to get an appointment at your convenience. That can mean you don't have to take a vacation day to get your central air installed. Instead, you might be able to schedule your air conditioning project for a Saturday or in a weekday evening after you get home from work.

2. He'll be more comfortable.

If you do decide to get central air, there's a strong likelihood that the contractor will need to do a substantial amount of work in your attic. Since you're getting the work done in the winter, he'll be able to work comfortably, instead of sweating it out in unbearably hot, attic temperatures.

3. You might get an off-season discount.

Since business naturally slows down for A/C contractors in the winter months, many businesses of this kind offer discounts and coupons to drum up work. You might be able to get an off-season discount that will allow you to afford an annual maintenance plan on top of the installation and equipment cost.

4. You'll be prepared for weather anomalies.

Every now and then in the spring, unusually hot days creep in for a week or more before the weather returns to cooler temperatures. If this happens, you'll be all ready to turn on the air conditioner so your family is cool and comfortable, even on short notice.

5. You'll free up your summer days.

Most home improvement projects take up summer weekends and afternoons. Getting your central air conditioning installed, or having your system maintained in the winter means one more thing you can cross off your summer to-do list. You'll have that much more time to enjoy the summer weather when you don't have to stay around the house waiting for the A/C to be worked on.

Call your air conditioning contractor to discuss your A/C needs. You'll be glad you didn't put it off until the hot summer months.