The Benefits Of Using Vertical Lifts In Your Facility

by For Content

A vertical lift is a piece of equipment that is used to lift an object up. They may be mobile lifts that are driven or otherwise steered from one location to another, or they may be permanent lifts that are installed in certain areas of a building, much like an elevator or open platform. If you've never thought about using vertical lifts in your facility, consider some surprising benefits.

1. They allow you to maximize storage space

In any facility, you need to pay for every single bit of storage space, and using a vertical lift allows you to move pieces of equipment up so that they can be stored on high shelves or behind other pieces. You can then maximize your space and won't need to invest in a larger building with a bigger footprint. If you offer warehouse and storage space for customers, you can then increase your customer base as you can take advantage of all the space that's available in your building.

2. They reduce your risk of liability

If you pay your staff to lift items for you, this increases the risk of liability as someone may fall or otherwise injure themselves. You would no doubt be liable for the cost of their injuries. A vertical lift reduces your risk of liability because there are no medical bills to pay if a lift were to suddenly break or topple over. This too can lower your cost for worker's compensation insurance, saving you even more money because of reducing the risk of worker injury.

3. Vertical lifts can be custom built

While a mobile lift can be very convenient in a production or warehousing facility, a custom lift can also be a great choice. You might choose a temporary vertical lift that is built outside a building during the construction process. You might also choose a vertical lift to be built around awkward areas of your building such as small staircases that make manual lifting difficult, or on the ends of shelving units where you cannot fit a forklift.

4. Awkward materials can be easily lifted

One challenge that many facilities face when it comes to lifting materials is that anything in an awkward shape can be difficult to lift manually. However, a custom vertical lift can be built so that any product can be accommodated. For example, long and narrow boxes can be turned on their side and then lifted. This allows for a lift of any object even in tight corners or areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

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