Working Outside? 2 Electrical Safety Tips You Need To Remember

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Do you love to work in your yard? If you are like most proactive homeowners, you are probably eager to grab your work gloves, get outside, and start taking care of business as soon as you get a free afternoon. Unfortunately, not keeping electrical safety in mind can cost you if you aren't careful. Here are two electrical safety tips that you should remember whenever you work outside.

1: Assume All Wires Are Live

As you clean up dead leaves and work on those flowerbeds, you might come across cables or loose wires poking out of your sprinkler junction box, air conditioning system, or home exterior. Although you might be tempted to grab them to move them out of the way, if those wires have current running through them, touching them could cost you your life.

To stay safe, err on the side of caution, and always assume that any wires you see are live. If you spot out-of-place cables or weird electrical lines, call in a professional electrician to inspect them. They will be able to use special devices to detect current, figure out why they are loose, and resolve the problem.

Taking these precautions might seem like an extra step, but being careful might help you to avoid a dangerous emergency.

2: Don't Dig Blindly

Before winter hits, you might be thinking about moving that bush to a new spot or finally digging a hole for that trampoline. Although small excavation projects might sound like a relatively simple task, digging without checking the area before you start working could be extraordinarily dangerous. If you aren't careful, you might accidentally shove that spade into a buried power line, which could electrocute you in an instant.

Never start digging before you know the exact location of underground power lines. To keep you safe, Canada has a free "call before you dig" phone number assigned to each province. By making a simple phone call, you can find out where lines are most likely buried, and stay away from those locations.

You can also find out the location of buried electrical lines by visiting the "click before you dig" website, which allows you to put in a request for a professional excavator to inspect and mark the area. After you know where the lines in your yard are buried, you might be able to work with a professional electrician to reroute cables so that you can dig in the spot that you need to.

Understanding how to properly handle loose or buried electrical lines might keep you safe, so that you can continue to beautify your yard. (For more information on electricians, contact a company such as Copperhead Electric)