5 Reasons Why Homesteading Is Easier In A Modular Home

by For Content

There are some of you who will buck the urbanization trend. You don't want skyscrapers and great theater. You want open skies and room to roam. You dream of fresh eggs, organic gardens and healthy children riding fat ponies. You're always looking in the papers for that perfect homesteading property. One of your main concerns is where you will live on your little slice of Eden.

Some great properties are remote, overgrown and not connected to utilities. A few may have barns or other outbuildings, but most affordable raw land will not have any housing in place. A modular home is one solution to consider. Here are five great reasons why:

1. You don't want to be those newbie homesteaders all covered in mud and miserable.

If you've researched homesteading, you've read the stories of "that couple." This intrepid pair dives joyfully into the bush with nothing more than a baby, a pair of goats, a tarp and a ball of baling twine. They spend the next few years in torment, braving the elements just to have the bare basics of life, and often not even having those.

It makes sense to pay as you go, but it doesn't make sense to needlessly suffer. A modular home can be assembled in a remote location more easily than a conventional home. It's a far better choice than a drafty camper or a paper thin tent.

A modest starter modular home – which you can enlarge with additions as your family grows – can get you into living quarters for a fair price. Financing is an option, especially if you own your land. There are numerous programs to help with down payments and other loan issues so that you can afford to start living in a modular home without having to amass a huge savings account.

2. Your modular home will have more integrity than most site built homes.

Canadian building regulations are strict when it comes to modular homes. For example, floor joists must be 2x8, or 2x10 in Ontario. They must be very well insulated, with R-24 standard between the 2x6 wall studs.

You might be able to apply insulation, tack on a vapor barrier, install tongue and groove decking and tape around low-e windows, but it will take you a long time on your own. Your home's frame could be exposed to the elements when you build slowly. A modular home is built to precise specifications in a climate-controlled space.

3. You have more options with a modular home.

If you want to use solar or wind power, the modular home manufacturer can work with you when selecting compatible appliance, wiring and breaker choices. You can also have custom plumbing installed to accommodate alternative toilets, rain catchment and greywater systems.

Let the manufacturer's representative know you plan to add on, and the design can be made compatible with future planned expansion.

Best of all, endless subcontractors aren't sawing, sanding, painting and driving all over your property. You may have a few crews show up to erect the building and attach utilities, but it will only be a fraction of what a conventionally built home would attract to your place.

4. You can get to the actual homesteading more quickly.

"That couple" often burns out on homesteading, never realizing the dream. If you get a simple modular home set up, you've saved yourselves hours of toil and discomfort. You can use those hours to build your barn, fence your pastures and plant your herbs. You can enjoy the property you love without wondering how you will survive another cold night in a sub-par dwelling.

5. Your relatives won't think you've lost your mind.

Modular homes are very attractive and comfortable on the inside. Once you've convinced the in-laws to brave the wilderness and come for a visit, they'll have some of their fears alleviated when they see you're not forcing their child to live in a cave or bathe in an icy creek.

Modular homes aren't for everyone. Some homesteaders want their rugged, hand built cabins and sod homes. They scoff at anything built in a factory. But if you want to homestead, and you don't think you have the skills or the leisure to tackle constructing your own place, a modular home (from Hart Modular Homes or another company) can make your life a great deal easier.