3 Common Kitchen Sink Problems and How to Fix Them

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The kitchen sink is a vital part of the home due to cooking and the related cleanup. Frequent use and problematic plumbing can both lead to ongoing problems with the sink that are interfering with your daily life. Thankfully, the most common problem have easy enough solutions.

Dripping Water

The sound of a constantly dripping faucet is enough to make anyone annoyed. If your kitchen tap continues to drip even when it is firmly turned off, there's a good chance it's merely loose or damaged washers inside the faucet assembly. Those with home improvement experience can use a guidebook to walk through how to replace the washers.

However, those without experience should immediately call a plumber. The plumber can check the washers, if needed, and also make sure that the faucet itself isn't damaged. Call as soon as the leak starts or your water bill could keep climbing.

Leak Underneath

Most kitchen sinks have the lower pipes concealed in cabinets, which can be used to store cleaning supplies or other excess materials. If you turn on the sink and suddenly hear water dripping or rushing out into the cabinet, turn off the water immediately. Open the cabinet and check to see that the water is in fact coming from those pipes.

Sometimes you can instantly see that a pipe was knocked loose. You might be able to use a wrench to twist the piece back into place tightly. Turn on the water to a low setting and check to see if the leak continues. If it does continue, you might need to replace the actual pipes. This isn't hard for even those without home improvement experience.

Simply take the pipes into the nearest hardware store for a match up and ask a salesperson to set you up with all the tools you need for the job. You can use a guidebook or online lessons to help you, though it might seem self-explanatory once you're under the sink looking at the piping.

Clogged Drain

If you run water and only three-quarters of it drains quickly, buy some liquid drain cleaner to fix the clog. Use the cleaner according to package directions. However, if less than three-quarters of the water is draining, you might have a significant clog that the cleaner might not completely eliminate.

Clogged drains can cause water to back up and eventually lead to drainage problems in other areas of your house. If a clog is severe or persistent, call a plumber. The plumber can bring in specialty tools such as a snake to completely clean out the drain. This makes it unlikely that materials will quickly form another clog.

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