Four Fixes For Hiding Home Radiators

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If you feel like your old metal radiator is making your home an eyesore, there are some clever ways you can disguise it to become a useful component of the room's decor. Depending on the room and the look you want to achieve, you can easily transform these elements into stylish furnishings that will never reveal what is hiding beneath.

Four fixes for your radiator include:

4. Clever benches

This approach works best for low, long radiators that are near or up against a wall. Use wood to build a cover that is vented on the front or sides for heat circulation and pad the top with a cushion. Build shelves from the same wood to secure overhead, which will force hot air from the radiator back into the room.

3. Classy cupboards

Create a cupboard for taller radiators out of barn wood or an old door. Use scraps of molding to create detail, and screen on the side for venting. These work particularly well in a bathroom, and look like a towel cupboard that you might find in any home.

2. Homey hutches

Cover the radiator with a wood box, vented with screen insets to allow heat flow, and replicate doors on the front. Line up three rows of shelves over the radiator to complete a kitchen hutch that you could use as a decorative element of a dining room or kitchen. Fill the shelves and top of the radiator with dishes, crockery, or cookbooks.

1. Convenient covers

You can buy a kit or prefabricated cover to slide over the top of your radiator. The key is making the box attractive and cohesive with your room's decor. Try some of these techniques to make the radiator become a subtle yet pleasing component of your space, that coordinates well with the other elements of the room:

  • Paint radiator covers so that they meld better with your furnishings. Remember to fully dry the cover before placing it back over the radiator.

  • Consider making or buying covers with detachable lids for easy access to the controls.

  • Always leave a clear space in front of the radiator so the heat can flow effectively into the room.

Don't struggle with trying to integrate or accessorize your radiator. Use one of these simple solutions to transform your unattractive radiator into a stylish accent in the home. Visitors will have no idea what lurks beneath your clever furnishings, but you will. For more help, or if you simply have other questions, try contacting a company such as Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors Ltd. with any questions or concerns you might have.