Tips To Help Your Furnace's Efficiency

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Your furnace is an essential device for keeping your home comfortable and warm during the long winter. Unfortunately, if these systems are not properly maintained, they can develop anyone of a number of problems. In particular, it is not uncommon for the energy efficiency of a unit to plummet if it is not properly maintained. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow that will help your system avoid some routine problems. 

Keep The Thermostat Maintained

Your thermostat is the primary control for your furnace, and as a result, when it malfunctions, it can cause problems for the entire system. When the thermostat malfunctions, it will be unable to keep the home a constant temperature, and this can cause the unit to work far harder which will result in excessive wear and tear. 

One of the most common problems encountered by these devices is that they accumulate substantial amounts of dust on the interior. This dust can prevent the sensors from accurately measuring the temperature, and this can prevent the thermostat from stopping the heater when the house is at the set temperature. Luckily, keeping your thermostat clean is not difficult, you can do this by using compressed air to remove dust from the interior. 

Keep The Furnace's Sensors Clean

Outside of the sensors in the thermostat, the primary furnace also has numerous sensors in it. These sensors help the unit control the pilot light, temperature of the furnace and they monitor the fans on the system. If any of these sensors start to malfunction, it can result in major damage to the furnace and a fire risk to the home. 

To help reduce the chances of these sensors malfunctioning, you need to make it a point to clean them on a regular basis. Typically, the best time to perform this maintenance is just before the start of the heating season. When you are doing this maintenance, you will need to remove any dust that is accumulating on these sensors using a conventional duster or microfiber cloth. The exact location of these sensors will vary based on the design of your furnace, and you will need to consult your owner's manual to determine exactly where these devices are located. 

Keeping your furnace problem free and as efficient as possible does not have to be a difficult task. By following these two simple preventative maintenance tips, you can help ensure your furnace keeps your home warm without using more energy than is necessary. 

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